food truck

are you ready for some BIG news?  2013 has been an amazing year for the new butcher.  i am so grateful for your strong support of my website and all things vegan. my mailing list and fans are growing every day.  your support means the world to me.  thank you for your letters, recipe requests, and excitement.  you’ve asked for it time and time again, and i have been listening.  thank you for your ideas, encouragement, and bold requests for the new butcher food to be delivered directly to you.  by popular demand, i am so happy to share something NEW with you in 2014.


i am so pleased to announce the new butcher FOOD TRUCK!



this past weekend, i picked up this green beauty and will be building it up to launch in the new year. i will be serving some of the recipes i’ve been sharing with you on, as well as recipes i’ve created for friends, family, and clients. i’m taking this show on the road!  


stay tuned for more details and locations for the new butcher food truck.  until then, keep on following me and sharing the new butcher with your friends and family.  there’s great things in store for 2014 and i can’t wait to hit the road and fill your belly with fresh veg.  i am the new butcher and this is a vegetable revolution. 


see you in the kitchen (literally),


cauliflower steak


while cauliflower and steak are not related, a cauliflower steak can be a wonderful new way to serve something tasty and vegetable inspired.


cauliflower, coming from the brassicaceae family, is related to broccoli, cabbage and kale. it is, however, most commonly remembered as some childhood memory of a white, overcooked, unseasoned pile of mush.


this is way better. i promise.


as the new butcher, i’m excited to share with you a new, fun and easy idea for a main dish. the best part of serving cauliflower steak is not having to ask anyone how they “want their steak.”


i’m pretty sure that cauliflower steak is soon to be all the rage.


check out these delicious photos and get inspired by a vegetable to roast up a cauliflower steak this weekend!