behind the scenes: eggs

by ali metzger in

the #1 question i am always asked about baking is: how can i bake without using eggs as a binder?

i’ve tried everything as an egg substitute, from pureed pumpkin and apples to liquid egg replacers. i couldn’t find anything that i liked. i went through a craze of sneaking in as many vegetables and whole wheat products into everything i created. it was during this time that i discovered the perfect substitute, on accident, actually.

one day, while using pumpkin puree for a muffin recipe as an egg replacer, i wanted to include ground flaxseeds. a lot of them in fact. i accidently added the flaxseeds to the bowl of liquids not to the bowl of the dry ingredients. a few minutes later, when i glanced at the bowl of liquids, i realized how gelatinous it had become. it looked similar to the consistency of a raw scrambled egg. from that day forward, i’ve had huge success with using soaked flaxseeds as an egg replacer in everything i bake. not only do i accomplish adding more nutrients to the baked good but they turn out more moist.

1 Tablesoon of ground flaxseeds with 3 Tablespoons of water for 5 minutes of soaking is roughly equivalent to 2 raw eggs. 

see you in the kitchen, ali.