fine dining

fine dining

yesterday was my birthday. and birthdays call for special events and dinners. i was lucky enough to have someone go above and beyond for me last night to give me the one thing i wanted for my birthday. actually, it’s the same thing that i have wanted since november 2011, when i became vegan. i wanted a fine dining experience, with vegan food, of course.

it’s much harder than you think to find. people talk about missing cheese, milk or ice cream. me? i miss good, quality dining service. i crave it.  i dream about it. and i love it.  

i am a cia graduate and we are taught about providing superior service. once you’ve seen it, once you've had it, you always want it. now, i’m not saying that i haven’t had great customer service ordering my food at a counter or had a great server at my favorite vegan spots. i definitely have. i’m taking about multiple forks, knives and spoons on my table. amuse bouche, intermezzo and de-crumbing. plus the option for a paired dessert drink or espresso with my dessert. THIS is what i miss. and, thanks to the Ritz Carlton in phoenix, not only did i receive killer service, but the 5 course meal was the best vegan food i’ve had in arizona.  period.

and i know what you’re thinking, too. it must have cost my friend an arm and a leg, right? luckily, vegetables are affordable and so was dinner. the Ritz Carlton prepared this meal at a fixed price.  they told me that they'd be happy to do the same for others who wish to experience vegan food and fine dining.  after all, good, quality dining service shouldn't be reserved for just a few.  thanks to this experience, i am inspired, once again, that fine dining and vegan food go hand in hand. or fork to mouth.     


tomato compote with garlic toast


compress watermelon with arugala, balsamic glaze and fried capers tossed in nutritional yeast.


gazpacho with compress cucumbers, and shaved yellow squash.


berry sorbet with basil oil


edible soil, cauliflower puree and compress eggplant


carrot cake (my favorite dessert, ever.)

store bought chicken

store bought chicken

food for thought: love

food for thought: love