this is chatter

this is chatter

i’m glad you’re here. 

this is a place where you will find a mix of food focused quotes in food for thought, stories and tips about the recipes in behind the scenes, and bad-(gr)ass interviews with vegetable pioneers in ketch-up.

i will be posting something new on this website every day.  so look for photos, recipes, or chatter. check out the new butcher on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram! 

i’d like to say one more thing before signing off:  you know those people in the restaurants that tell you they are vegan from the first moment they enter the place?  the friends you have that refuse to eat dinner with you because you just don’t understand what they are doing with their lives?  your oldest daughter who has decided to swear off meat? or your carnivorous friends of yours who think that eating vegetables requires a diet of grass, sticks, and twigs? i’m here to help you.  and everyone else discover that eating a whole foods, plant based diet isn’t all that weird or complicated.  and it’s not only really, really delicious, but it’s really, really good for you. 

i’ll see you in the kitchen. ali.   

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