this is a vegetable revolution.  

anything and everything is possible with vegetables. 

let's be honest.  vegetables are under appreciated. 

they have been over-cooked, under-seasoned and pushed to the side of the dinner plate for years. anyone can figure out how to grill a cheeseburger or a scramble an egg.  but preparing vegetables? that is seasonal.  that is inspirational.  that is an art.  plus, it's good for the planet! 

fruits and vegetables are the original fast food. you can make a entire meal for your family in under 30 minutes or slow roast beets in the oven for 6 hours. and i promise you it is delicious.

vegetables offer texture, color, flavor and complexity that can't be matched by any meat-based protein. you can make vegetables the star of the plate. you can make a complete meal with just grains, legumes and vegetables. and i’m here to share this passion with you. that’s why i created this website for you. i’m here to help you become inspired by vegetables. to begin your very own vegetable revolution.

to eat. more. veg.