want to kick-start with even more inspiring veg info? here are my favorite reads, movies, and kitchen basics to get you going in the right direction.  

my favorite reads

  1. skinny bitch- these awesome ladies are pretty funny and aren't afraid to tell you the true, tough facts to whip your plant-based diet into shape.

  2. the china study- this is the scientific proof that vegetables are really good for you. research-based decisions are always best.  check out this favorite read to discover the proof in the pudding.  literally.

  3. the kind diet- oh, alicia.  this inspiring book is filled with tasty, plant-based recipes and powerful stories, too.   

  4. veganomicon- this book shares the basics for all things vegan.  need a vegan pie crust recipe?  what is seitan?  check out this book.    

  5. vegnews- check out this magazine to be in the know with current events, recipes, and animal rights issues around the world. 

My favorite podcast

  1. 1. The Rich Roll Podcast


my favorite movies

find all of these on netflix.com or amazon.com


  1. What the health- LIFE changing documentary from the maker's of cowspiracy. The film shows the effects of eating animal based foods.

  2. forks over knives- watch my #1 movie pick to learn the facts about the food we consume.  this movie will blow your mind.  plus, some heart warming stories about people defeating illness with plant-based foods. a must-see!

  3. food matters- learn from physician's across the globe explain why super foods are so important.

  4. cowspiracy- an inside look at the food industry (only one hard-to-watch animal scene)

  5. fat, sick and nearly dead- just the juice, ma'am, just the juice. it's all about the power of juice. 


kitchen tools 

  1. sharp knife

  2. large cutting board

  3. powerful blender

  4. strainer

  5. mixing bowls


in my pantry i always have

  1. virgin coconut oil- try my #1 pick to cook at low and high temps. plus, you can use it just like lotion on your body.  who doesn't love that?!? it comes in solid form, but quickly melts in a pan or on your skin.  

  2. quinoa- try this peruvian seed that cooks just like rice and is the only grain that is a complete  protein.

  3. canned black beans- keep this staple on hand for adding easy protein to any meal.

  4. raw cashews- this handy nut can be eaten by the handful or soaked and blended into a creamy sauce, cheese, or milk. yum.   

  5. ginger tea- ginger is amazing. the ginger root aids with digestion and helps balance your tummy.


top 5 refrigerator essentials

  1. Coffee mate's- (this is a new product to the market, all vegan!) natural bliss vanilla almond milk creamer. i love this for my coffee!  

  2. kale- raw, steamed, sautéed, stuffed... the list goes on and on. this powerful green does it all. 

  3. apple cider vinegar- it's alive!  i keep this essential in my refrigerator to add into salad dressings, sauces, and baked goods.  i even clean the kitchen floor with it, too!

  4. Just mayo- a delicious, plant-based and may i say better version of mayo. not sure where to start?  just replace your regular mayo with this amazing essential and your whole world will feel a little bit brighter (and tastier).  

  5. flaxseeds- yep, flaxseeds. I keep them whole and store them in the refrigerator. You can purchase them pre-ground which is okay, too. I grind them only when I need them to keep the essential omega oils that disappear after a short period of time after being ground. when baking use 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed with 3 tablespoons of water and let sit for 5 minutes. This mix is equivalent to two raw eggs.