sautéed brussels sprout slaw

sautéed brussels sprout slaw

This my FAVORTIE holiday dish. I’ve been a big fan of these sprouts for many, many years and I have created a recipe that offers everything I love. A little bit of savory caramelized onions, a little crunch from the pecans (you can use sliced almonds or walnuts, too) and hint of sweetness from the dried cranberries. This dish, of course, is perfectly amazing served hot, but if you end up with any leftovers (doubtful), it makes a wonderful chilled salad! 


large sauté pan

wooden spoon

chef’s knife 

cutting board



3 Tablespoon olive oil

1 medium onion

2 t salt

1 stalk of brussels sprouts (or about 1.5 lbs loose)

¼ c water

1 c dried cranberries

1 c pecans pieces


cut onion in half and then into a small dice. heat the large sauté pan on high and add olive oil. wait one minute for the pan to heat and then add onions.

while onions are cooking, rinse the entire stalk of sprouts under running water to remove any dirt. shake off any excess water from the stalk.

remove all sprouts from stalk. cut the very end of each sprout off (it’s pretty tough to eat).

slice each sprout in half. 

place the open half down on the cutting board and cut across the sprout to create a thin shred. 

as the onions begin to brown, turn down heat to medium and add salt. once onions are tender, add shredded sprouts. stir occasionally.

as the brussels sprouts begin to cook, they will turn bright green. 

when this happens, add water and cranberries.

stir it all together and cook for 2 minutes. turn heat off and add pecans.

stir thoroughly and enjoy! 

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