2 c rolled oats

1 c barley flakes

1 c spelt flakes

⅓ c unsweetened coconut flakes

½ raw hazelnuts, chopped

½ raw sunflower seeds

½ c oil

⅓ c maple syrup

½ c oil

½ c  brown rice syrup

⅓ c wheat bran

½ c dried fruit

1t salt


2 pieces of parchment paper. 2 large sheet trays. 2 medium bowls. 1 heat resistant rubber spatula.


preheat oven to 350°

place a piece of parchment on each sheet tray and set aside. in 1st bowl, combine rolled oats-maple syrup. mix well with rubber spatula. it will be very sticky. place mixture on 1st sheet tray and evenly distribute.

place 1st sheet tray in oven. stir mixture every 4 minutes for a total baking time of 12 minutes.

place the rest of the ingredients in the 2nd bowl. after 12 minutes pull the 1st sheet tray out of the oven and carefully pour the hot mixture into the 2nd bowl. thoroughly mix. this will be sticky too.

pour the granola on to the remaining parchment lined 2nd sheet tray. spread mixture evenly and cool.

always store granola in an air tight container.

lentil ragout

lentil ragout