1 onion

8 T butter

5T flour

1t salt

2c vegetable stock

2T nutritional yeast

2t thyme

2t sage

2t oregano 


medium sauce pan

 sharp knife

 cutting board

 wooden spoon

  gravy boat


cut onion into a small dice. heat sauce pan on medium heat. cut butter into cubes.  once pan is warm, add butter and cook onions on medium for 6 minutes. stir occasionally.

 after 6 minutes sprinkle flour evenly. using a wooden spoon, mix in flour to the melted butter. try and remove all the lumps. congratulations, you now have created a "roux." stirring constantly, cook the roux for 4-5 minutes. it will begin to smell like toasted nuts.

 slowly add vegetable stock to the roux, using the wooden spoon to combine the liquid and the roux into "gravy." after all the stock has been added to the pan, bring the gravy up to a boil, then turn down heat.

 season the gravy with nutritional yeast, sage, thyme, salt and oregano and mix these seasonings into the gravy.

 serve the gravy immediately and note that the longer you let the gravy warm on the stove the more water you will need to add before serving the gravy. 

food truck

food truck

pumpkin mousse

pumpkin mousse