hearty tacos with a magical green sauce

hearty tacos with a magical green sauce





1 c dried green lentils

4 c water

1 onion

1 eggplant

2 yellow potatoes

1 c cherry tomatoes

½ t cumin, separated

2 ½ T salt, separated

2T olive oil

corn tortillas

1 lime



1 c kale

¾ c raw cashews

½ c cilantro

¼ jalapeno

1T agave nectar

1t salt


sharp knife. cutting board. large sauté pan. heat proof rubber spatula. medium bowl. 2 small bowls. plastic wrap. strainer. medium sauce pot with fitting lid. blender. micro-plane.


place lentils in strainer and rinse under running water. add lentils to bowl and cover with 2 c water. cover bowl with plastic wrap and set in fridge for at least 4 hours. you can do this a day or two ahead of time. after four hours, drain lentils in strainer and again rinse under cool water. pour rinsed lentils into sauté pan and cover with 2 more cups of water.


bring lentils to boil, add 1 T salt, turn down heat and cook until tender, about 20 minutes. turn off heat and set aside.

peel onion and cut into small dice sized pieces. set aside.


wash eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes. dice eggplant and potatoes into small bite-sized pieces.


slice cherry tomatoes in half, long ways.


in sauté pan on medium-high heat warm olive oil. add onions and cook for 4 minutes. stir occasionally. add potatoes and cook for 3 more minutes. stir in eggplant. cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.


note that all the liquid will be fully absorbed from eggplant. don’t worry. turn down heat to medium and stir every couple minutes.


zest and juice lime, place zest in small bowl and juice in a small bowl.

after 15 minutes add ½ lime juice, 1T salt and lentils. stir and cook for 3 minutes. add cherry tomatoes and cumin. cook for 4 more minutes. turn off heat, leave in pan.


in the meantime, wash kale, cilantro, jalapeno.


place all ingredients in blender along with cashews, ½ T salt, ½ t cumin, lime zest and remaining juice. blend for 5 minutes. set aside.


serve filling in warmed corn tortillas and drizzle with the magical green sauce.


filling can be cooled and stored in a sealed container up to 5 days. sauce with thicken and lose it’s brightness once refrigerated but it still tastes delicious! you can thin the sauce out the next day with 2 T water if desired, and it can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator up to 5 days. 


p.s. the taco filling and magical green sauce is also AMAZING on pasta!

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