mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes

here are a few, easy suggestions to make your mashed potatoes vegan! when making vegan mashed potatoes, the ratio of milk and butter will be the same from dairy to non-dairy. treat the non-dairy alternatives just like you would have to create your creamy mashed potatoes.

cook potatoes until fork tender and then drain them. in a separate sauce pan, warm the dairy-free milk and melt the vegan butter. add potatoes back to their original pot and whip them, dry, without any liquids. break down as much of the potatoes as possible. slowly add your warm liquid in to the potatoes as you continue to whip them. when all the lumps are gone, toss in your mix-in's and season with salt. serve warm and enjoy immediately.


milk alternatives

unsweetened or Original

Almond, Rice, Coconut, or Soy


Butter alternative

Earth Balance


Tasty Mix in’s

Roasted Garlic

Fresh Garlic

Green Onion


sautéed brussels sprout slaw

sautéed brussels sprout slaw

basic cranberry sauce

basic cranberry sauce