super bowl sunday!

super bowl sunday!


super bowl sunday is just around the corner! regardless of what team you will be rooting for, one thing across the country is certain: everyone will be snacking. super bowl sunday is one of  the most important days for food in america.  this year, it is estimated that americans will consume 80 million avocados, 1.23 billion chicken wings, and 11 million pounds of potato chips.  dominos will deliver 11 million slices and americans will spend 2.37 million dollars on sugary soda. given this information, it may not appear to be the best time for vegans or vegetarians. 



have no fear, i am here to share some my favorite game day food ideas and a few recipes to help make this super bowl one of your best snacking events yet. there are plenty of plant-based solutions to liven up any super bowl party.  bring along your favorite dish (or two) and give a shout out for your favorite team.  it’s super bowl and i’m here to help you fill up your super bowl (or plate).   


let’s talk chicken. when i imagine 1.23 billion chicken wings, it certainly is a lot of chicken.  yikes!  in case you’re looking for a good alternative, gardein has some amazingly delicious plant-based “chik’n” options that you can find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. gardein also makes (mock) beef and chicken sliders that are easy to heat and enjoy!


like to dip? YES, there is such thing as vegan ranch and blue cheese dressing made by brands such as follow your heart.

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if pizza is your vice, i suggest tofurkey, amy’s, and american flatbread.   find these in your freezer section of your local grocery store.  if you want something baked fresh, head on over to whole foods  where  you can pick up a delicious vegan pizza wood fired just for you! 


boca brands makes tasty plant based burgers and field roast brand creates tasty plant-based hot dogs. open up the veganaise or pile on pickles, onions, and ketchup and this dish is sure to please your neighbors, friends, and family.

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you can easily create plant-based nachos with canned pinto or black beans, fresh chopped tomato, onions, corn, cilantro, avocado, jalapeño and, of course, vegan cheese. check out the cashew cheese recipe below or try brands like diaya that melt like dairy based cheese, found at your local health food store!!!


remember that some of the traditional tailgating foods are already vegan: spicy salsa, homemade guacamole,  tortilla chips, and veggie trays can do just the trick to boost the plant-based choices at your super bowl party this year.


are you going to a party and need to bring something along from your own kitchen? try some of these recipes that i’m using at my super bowl party this year:


get ready to eat, cheer, and celebrate big this year.  i hope you enjoy these delicious options and feel inspired to include some plant-based choices at your super bowl party this year. when the commercial's hit, i hope you are enjoying some happy snacking and healthier choices for you and the planet. 

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