watermelon gazpacho

watermelon gazpacho



½  red onion

1 mini watermelon 5 pounds

1 lime

1 bunch of cilantro

¼ c cider vinegar

¼ c water

1T sugar

½ english cucumber

¼ t salt

1/8 t ground black pepper


high powered blender. rubber spatula. small bowl. medium bowl. large bowl. microplane. measuring spoons and cups. cutting board. sharp knife. plastic wrap. soup spoon. water pitcher.


in small bowl combine vinegar, water and sugar. set aside. place 1/2 red onion flat side down on the cutting board.


then cut the onion into very thin strips. add onions to small bowl. cover with plastic and refrigerate.


wash watermelon, lime, cilantro and cucumber. cut the ends off of the watermelon and place the watermelon onto one of the flat ends.


remove the outer skin. dice watermelon. set aside.


zest lime and set aside for later.


in medium bowl, juice lime.


cut cucumbers into 2 inch pieces and then slice very thin like the size of a matchstick. put cucumbers into medium bowl with lime juice. chop cilantro and add to medium bowl along with salt and pepper. cover with plastic and refrigerate.


place ½ of the diced watermelon in blender with ½ of the lime zest. blend. pour juice into large bowl. repeat this process. there will be a little bit of foam from the juice. gently remove it from the surface of the bowl with a soup spoon.


cover with plastic and refrigerate until ready to serve.

this soup can be served many different ways.


but before serving any of the soup you will need to drain the pickled red onions and add them to the medium bowl with cucumbers and cilantro. mix well.


i love to serve this soup for appetizer parties or seated guests. for appetizer parties, serve this soup in shot glasses. fill ¾ of each shot glass with watermelon juice.  the easiest way to do this is with the water pitcher.  garnish with 1 T of vegetable mix per glass.


for seated guests, you can create a dining experience. place soup bowls on the kitchen counter and fill the center of each soup bowl with ¼ c of the vegetable mix. fill the water pitcher with watermelon juice. serve each guest their bowl with only the vegetable mix in it. return to the table with the pitcher and slowly pour 1 c of juice into everyone’s bowl.


another way to deliver this experience is to serve everyone a cup of watermelon juice and ask your guests to pour their cup of juice into their own bowl at the same time. food is meant to be shared and i hope this serving suggestion helps you share this dish in a fun and creative way!   

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